Independence Day Long Weekend Almost Over

And how did I spend most of it?  I slept.  I wish I could say it was cleansing and restorative sleep, but I slept mostly to escape.  Worries about finances (or the lack thereof) and debts (of which there are many) have kept me from focusing on anything else.  I haven’t written in my diary, haven’t typed a word of the short story I meant to finish in May, and can’t stay on task with much.  So I took to my bed.

On Sunday, I did stir enough to take Susie to the Doo Dah Parade, an annual Short North tradition that combines the nationalism inherent in Independence Day with political and social satire.  Everyone threw dignity and caution to the winds and marched in the parade in various costumes.  Susie was bored waiting for the parade to start (it was late getting going), but perked up a bit when she saw one of her friends, and they took part in an (attempted) mass jump-rope.

Susie is on the end, dressed in red top and shorts.

After the parade, we picked up a late lunch at Subway in Graceland Shopping Center and brought it home.  I ate my meatball sub and drank my Sprite, and then slept until almost midnight.  There is no pattern or duration to how much I slept this weekend–I didn’t log it, because I didn’t think I would be doing so much of it.  The snoring must be under control, because when I collapsed so early Friday night, Steph thought I had been out all night.  This morning–very early–I made a trip to White Castle for Steph and me.
To counterbalance this rather dismal entry, here are some more pics from the parade:
Susie, surrounded by soap bubbles.

I wanted to get the whole car and float,  but this
was what I thought was most worth recording for
posterity.  My ultimate dream: President Obama
appoints Andrew Vachss U.S. Ambassador to
the Vatican.

The Marching Fidels, a staple of the Doo Dah Parade
since its beginning.

This picture should appear in the dictionary by
the definition of ubiquitous.
Fresh from a dip in the Gulf of Mexico.

Much more appealing McDonald’s ad than
the ones featuring the Hamburglar and
Mayor McCheese that I remember from

I pose with two escaped serial killers.