Meet Your Blogger

Here I am with my ballpoint pen and my journal.

Here I am with my ballpoint pen and my journal.

This blog is a continuation of two blogs I wrote at previous sites.

Chronologically, the first was at

The second was at

Due to technical difficulties, I have stopped posting at these, and will use this site from this day forward.

Father to Susie, civil servant, poet, diarist, struggling novelist, Unitarian Universalist, Ohioan, teetotaler, unrepentant non-driver, union steward, bibliophile, collector of long-playing and 78 RPM records, lover of manual typewriters, enthusiastic pedestrian, pilot of a Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle.

I live in the Olde North section of Columbus, Ohio, about 3½ miles north of downtown Columbus, and just north of the Ohio State campus.

I moonlight sometimes at the Discovery Exchange (DX), which is the bookstore for Columbus State Community College.

Although I never finished my degree at Ohio University, I am fiercely loyal to it and the city of Athens, Ohio.

I was born in Parkersburg, W.Va., but grew up across the Ohio River in Marietta, Ohio.

Except for two years in Boston in the early 1980s, I have lived my entire life in Ohio–Marietta, Athens, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

My overseas travel consists of 15 minutes in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in 1987.

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