Hopefully, This Ends My Hiatus

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I posted on here–I’ve received some concerned emails from people who have followed, wondering why I haven’t posted.  I’ve had a severe lack of motivation, as well as some bouts with depression.  Additionally, the Wi-Fi service at home is not trustworthy, so I only post blog, Facebook, etc. when I’m at the library or someplace with a connection I know will hold.  Hate to have all my purple prose disappear into the ether because the Wi-Fi dropped or the router glitched.  For the want of a nail, y’know.

A big announcement for me is I NO LONGER DELIVER THE BAG!!  It’s a job I miss about as much as my tonsils, although the exercise was making me feel more energetic.  While collating The Bag one Friday night, Steph and I finally sat down with a calculator and learned some horrible news: I was making less than server’s minimum, once we factored in the time it took to collate The Bag, deliver it, etc.  So I sent a letter of resignation to the route coordinator, and spent the next few days checking for snipers around my house.  (The Bag was hanging on my front door that weekend, and I debated whether I should have the bomb squad open it.)

Susie turned 12 Tuesday, but the celebration was not a pleasant one.  The previous Friday morning, she called me at work around 10 and asked me to come get her at school.  She was feeling lousy, and went to the school nurse, and she had a temperature of 108 degrees F. (42 C.)  I gave my stack of lump sum advancements and ex parte orders to a co-worker and left right away, calling Steph with this alarming news.  As I was running toward High St. to catch a northbound bus, Steph called me.  Her temperature wasn’t 108, it was 100.8 (38 C.)  That still wasn’t good, but it was better than the first figure.  Susie slept most of the afternoon, and her fever had climbed four degrees.

She wasn’t back at school until Thursday, and her birthday slumber party had to be postponed, even though she was starting to feel better.  (We adhered to the rule of normal-or-below temperatures for 24 hours before returning to school.)

Susie has always been the generous type.  When she was about three, I took her to an Easter egg hunt, and she was grabbing up eggs and candy left and right, looking in hiding places none of the other kids even considered.  I was proud of her industry, but even prouder when she started putting a lot of her eggs into the other kids’ baskets.

Her generosity has remained with her–she has given Steph the bug.  Steph was bed- and housebound for much of the last week.  The fever is gone, but she’s still coughing a lot–very painfully and very productively.  A physician who goes to the Unitarian Church with us has said they probably had H1N1, but don’t go to an emergency room or a doctor’s office unless you’re much sicker.  Those places are petri dishes for all kinds of other diseases, and you may come out infected with something even worse.

I’m typing this on the run before taking Susie to choir practice.  I’m leaving her at the church and then going to Office Max to pick up a phone card.

I’ve remained healthy, although every sneeze and headache makes me a little wary.  I seem to have sailed through being in close proximity with two people who have been quick sick, but I’m waiting for that other shoe to drop.