Post Whenever I Can

Now that I am Internet-deprived at home, I will post in here whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I picked up Susie from her geography class and we’re now at the Whetstone Library with brown-bagged sandwiches for the evening meal (Steph has Women’s Chorus tonight).  Normally, I would jump at the chance to be at the library–and to blog and check E-mail, etc.–but my lower back hurts like hell, and I’m not even sure how I did it.  At first, I thought it was my chair at work, but no matter how I adjusted it or changed my position, the pain never lessened.  Even going down to the nurse and bumming ibuprofen didn’t help, and now I’m walking like an invalid taking his first steps out of bed in weeks.  (The best way to describe it is to say it feels just like the lower back pain you get when your bladder is too full.  That is definitely not the case at the moment.)

A meeting I had during lunch did nothing to improve my back or mood, either.

The worst part of this was the bus trip up High Street.  They’re tearing up major portions of it in the stretch between Northwood and Dodridge.  High is the major north-south artery here in Columbus, so closing it completely is just out of the question.  The alternative is to have huge metal plates covering the open parts when workers aren’t there, and bouncing from one plate to another felt like a knife down my spinal cord.

The work day was a slow one.  I finished the specialist’s report I began Friday afternoon, and after that typed some lump-sum advancements and researched some IC-2 applications.  A co-worker loaned me a CD of the best of the group War (of “Spill the Wine” and “Low Rider” fame), and that made the afternoon a little more bearable.

I am dreading Steph’s return from Women’s Chorus tonight, because it will involve lifting her scooter, disassembling it, and bringing it into the house when her ride drops her off.  This is not a pleasant task when I am in (for me) tip-top shape, so tonight it’ll be hell.

Steph is planning for next spring and summer, with some projects that are quite green and will be hands-on for Susie when it comes to science.  Susie wants to start a garden, and Steph has said okay, if it is half vegetables and half flowers.  We’re buying some chicken wire to set aside part of the parking space we don’t use for cars to make a compost pile, and Steph has been researching the logistics of beekeeping.  I have always been interested in it in a superficial sort of way, but now that I see that it can be practical in the city, I’ve begun to look at some of the Websites that advertise starter kits.  Also, honey would be a good commodity to offer when bartering for produce in the farmers’ markets that pop up on spring and summer Saturdays.

Not much more to write about, and even if there were, I doubt I’d have the stamina right now.  My style of typing is so aerobic that if I kept going, I’d be in even more pain in my back.