Heart, Wind, and Sleep

I treated myself to a three-day weekend, but yesterday was not all pleasure.  (Sunday, on the other hand, was an idyllic day for me.)  My date yesterday had been on my calendar since last year at this time.  I went to the OSU Ross Heart Hospital so they could check on my aneurysm.  The cardiologist there is quite good, and the technicians who performed my CT scan did the job quite well.  (The worst part will always be when they inject the iodine dye into my veins.  Since they needed me to tilt my head far back before I went into the machine, I could even taste it a little in the back of my throat.)

The doctor says it looks like the aneurysm is remaining stable.  It has dilated another 0.5 mm, but that is too slight to be worrisome.  He says to come back and see him in a year.

I wish that this would be the end of my frequenting OSU hospitals for a while, but that’s not to be.  (I am trying to avoid the Ohio State campus this entire week, since everything is building up toward Saturday’s game against the University of Michigan.)

Once outside, I found out I had under-dressed.  The temperature was in the low 60s when I left the house, but by the time I left, the winds were close to 45 mph.  I love wind, both watching it and being in it, but not when I’m cold because I didn’t wear a heavy enough coat.  I took refuge in the Barnes and Noble at N. High St. and E. 11th Ave., and watched the wind bend trees and make the traffic lights swing back and forth.  I had a safe perch on the second floor, sitting at a table with a ballpoint in my hand and my diary in front of me.  I felt the window ripple in front of me, but it was slight.

The corner of N. High and E. 11th Ave.  Hard to capture a windstorm in a still picture, but take note of the traffic lights, and the coat of the woman crossing the street.

The corner of N. High St. and E. 11th Ave. Hard to capture a windstorm in a still picture, but take note of the traffic lights, and the coat of the woman crossing the street.

Tomorrow night, I will be the guest of OSU Hospital East–yet another sleep study!  I have posted on Facebook to warn friends and co-workers that I will not be in a great mood tomorrow, since I have to abstain from caffeine all day.  (It’s been so ingrained in me these last few months to buy two bottles of Diet Snapple in the little store in our atrium, along with my customary breakfast of yogurt and fruit.)  I seem to have been successful this time around in laying off carbonated beverages (since May), but I replaced that with Snapple and Gold Peak iced tea.  So I will be working my way through withdrawal symptoms during the day.

My new sleep doctor thinks it’s best to start from the ground up, so I’m having this new study.  I’m sure I still snore, since I occasionally wake myself up.  I’ve been sleeping alone for four years now, so I don’t know how much I thrash around.  I do know I wake up four or five times a night.  I don’t feel awake enough to get out of bed, but I am conscious enough to roll over and register the time on the clock, and know how long I have until it’s time to get out of bed.  And I don’t really feel that rested, regardless of how early I went to bed or how many hours elapse before I leave the bed.

Probably won’t post tomorrow night, because I’m not planning to take the laptop with me to the sleep lab.  Just my Nook and my diary.


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