NaNoWriMo: Day the Ninth

Tonight I came very close to skipping a night’s work here at the laptop, again because I was feeling a little drained, mentally and physically.  I am proud of myself that I forced myself to log into my Word account, and, even though I got off to a very sluggish start, managed to get to (and even a little beyond) the 1667 words daily required to keep me on task.

Although I slept late this morning, I had a productive afternoon.  A friend and I visited a young married couple we know, who just moved to Olentangy St., which is a 10- or 15-minute walk (depending on my pace) from my place.  I am quite fond of all three of these people, and it was wonderful to visit them.  I cannot say that I was itching the whole time to get to the keyboard and get to work.  I love these people, but lately, spending a lot of time with people makes me feel like I’ve just given a pint of blood.

I felt the same way at a post-Halloween party I went to last night.  The house on N. 4th St. was much more crowded than the small gathering I went to this afternoon, the music was much louder, and I was one of the few people there who wasn’t drinking.  (All four of us who were together today are teetotalers.)  I had some very good conversations with people I had not seen in ages, and the hostess and her housemates are the type of people who put you in a good mood no matter how depressed you are beforehand.  I left that party a little before 3 a.m. (“the dark night of the soul”), but didn’t get to bed until nearly 5:30.

In the hours between coming home and finally going to sleep for the night, I did nothing creative.  I didn’t pick up a pen to write in the holographic diary, and I didn’t even send emails.  The idea of adding to the NaNoWriMo project didn’t even occur to me.  All I drank at the party was water, Fuze, and Snapple, so it’s not that my cognitive ability had suffered.

Snoopy sounds like he was doing NaNoWriMo before such a thing ever existed.

Snoopy sounds like he was doing NaNoWriMo before such a thing ever existed.

Tonight, I thought I would run out of steam when I came very close to my nightly quota.  I felt like I had reached my limit when I was less than 50 words from my goal.  I had to coax myself to get to them, and I even did about 70 afterwards, but it was more difficult than usual.


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