I Wanna Take My Friends With Me

The Blogspot hosting for this journal is going strong–I will be posting about Comfest (with pictures) later this weekend.  However, the number of friends on it remains in the single digits.

I’m asking a favor here: All of you who friended me and hung on my every word here at LiveJournal, please go to the blog at its new home: aspergerspoet.blogspot.com and friend me there, so you’ll continue to get notices about my postings as they go up.


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Take My Friends With Me

  1. I’ll ask again why you can’t just set up the export feature that copies the entries you make there over to this blog, as well? From what I understand, once you set it up, it mirrors the entries automatically (requiring no additional effort from you), but allows people to remain in their comfort zone for reading.

    Personally, while I have a blogspot of my own, I post there extremely rarely, and I check it even less often. I have an RSS reader that I remember to open once every 2 days – 4 weeks, depending on how distracted I am, and I usually just end up marking everything but my comics and a couple of podcasts as ‘read’ when I log in and see 1000+ unread posts waiting for me.

    So, I could friend you over on blogspot, but it wouldn’t mean that I’d actually see anything more than I do now.


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