Now I’m Famous For My Cough?

My appointment with the pulmonologist is Monday, and I’m starting to act like a little kid counting down the days and hours until Christmas Day.  (I have never felt that way about going to the doctor.  And I saw quite a bit of my pediatrician as a child.  I was sick so often as a child that I named my doll Jones, after my pediatrician.)

I was in my cubicle working this afternoon, mostly on Statements of Fact and ex parte orders, and I heard someone come up from the mail room with some files.  A supervisor said, “Oh, those go to Paul.”  I heard him say, “He’s the guy with the cough, isn’t he?”

Steph has been at choir practice tonight, and that is always followed by pizza and wine at a restaurant in Worthington.  Quite a few times tonight, I’ve picked up my tape recorder to try to start a taped letter to a friend of mine, but never got past the first minute or two.  I had to keep shutting off the mike to cough, and it’s hard to draw enough breath to speak for any length of time.

All my visits to the pediatrician as a child have had one benefit, and that is that I am not squeamish about needles.  I don’t like them, but I am able to get shots and have my blood drawn without panicking.  (A co-worker of mine is absolutely terrified of them, which I find amusing, because he’s an ex-Marine.  Mr. Lean, Mean Fighting Machine cannot stand to have his blood drawn.)  The aforementioned pediatrician was very quick with the syringe (which I called the “shot pencil”), and generous with penicillin and gamma globulin for most childhood ailments.

My friend Robert sent me a link to eBay: A Royal portable manual typewriter signed by J.D. Salinger is on sale.  The minimum price is $500.

3 thoughts on “Now I’m Famous For My Cough?

  1. I had the same doctor as a kid (Doctor Jones). I wonder if he was the same pediatrician that everyone used that we knew. Yeah, that dude would shoot you full of penicillin at the drop of a hat. And that shot hurt the most!

    I am now immune to needlephobia also. For a time, I even self injected a drug I need to take (now I have a cream). It was in the muscle and not IV, fortunately.


  2. I hope that you feel better Paul. I am not afraid of needles either. I think you should go for the typewriter 🙂


  3. Dan–The same Dr. Jones! One way he would drum up repeat business for himself was to look at one kid's throat and then let the kid's siblings play with the tongue depressor afterwards.


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