‘Tis Time to Part (No Foolin’!)

Starting with my next entry, I will be continuing this blog on Blogger.  Nothing will change except the URL.  So, to continue reading my blog, go to http://aspergerspoet.blogspot.com.

I will maintain the archive here at LiveJournal for all the entries prior to this. 


3 thoughts on “‘Tis Time to Part (No Foolin’!)

  1. Well, I’ll miss seeing your regular updates. I rarely open my RSS reader, and I don’t have the time to go visit each blog I’d like to read individually. I’ll add you to my RSS reader, however, in case I get to a point where I actually *open* the thing again.

    It would be relatively easy to set it up to port your entries to LJ as well, just as a mirror of the posts. Then no one would miss out.


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