Maybe I Should Have Been More Prudent…

…when I told people that I had made a full recovery from the surgery.  I say that because here I am, early Monday afternoon, home instead of at work.  I have been coughing like mad since Friday, and it looks like I’m developing pinkeye in my right eye.  Fortunately, I’ll be able to see my doctor today at 3:15 (better than paying the steep co-pays the urgent care places charge), and she’ll give me something–I hope–that will knock out this pinkeye.  I have never had it before, and I have not missed it.  Steph first noticed it, and until she said something, I just thought I had a very itchy eye.  The right eyelid is fire-engine red.

When I went to Target this weekend, I bought a DVD of the remake of IN COLD BLOOD.  This one aired on CBS as a miniseries in 1996, and starred Anthony Edwards and Eric Roberts.  It’s amazing that the murder of the Clutter family in Kansas has produced four movies to date.  Truman Capote said he was launching a new genre, the non-fiction novel (although many Clutter family members and residents of Holcomb, Kansas say there’s more novel than non-fiction in the book).

For me, the most chilling part of the movies I have seen about it is the scene immediately after the murders.  There was a teenage girl who was best friends with Nancy Clutter, the teenage daughter, one of the four who were murdered.  The girl always went over to the Clutters’ house on Sunday morning so she could ride to church with them.  No matter how many times I see it, the scene where she walks inside the house and is greeted with total silence is the most disturbing.  It is even more disturbing than when she finds the bodies.  When no one answers the doorbell, she reluctantly lets herself in, and the silence is complete.  No clock ticking, no phone ringing (the lines had been cut), no squirrel running across the roof.  The viewer has an omniscient eye, and we know what she’ll soon find.  (The murders themselves are shown in flashback later on.)

I haven’t watched this DVD yet, and I remember little of the miniseries when it ran, so I’m interested to see how it is, even though I know the story and know the ending.


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