Only Three Minutes Late for Work Today

Hoping against hope, I called the Industrial Commission’s hotline as soon as the alarm went off this morning.  The recorded chipper voice said there were no incidents to report at this time.  So, even though Ohio State University cancelled classes, and the City of Columbus was on a two-hour delay, and Franklin County was under a Level Two snow emergency, that meant I was expected to be in my cubicle ready to work when the big hand reached 12 and the little hand was on 8.

Steph sent me off this morning with a big breakfast, although I burned most of it up traipsing down Indianola.  The snowdrifts on the sidewalk were even higher than they were earlier, and trying to get over and through them was an aerobic activity.  I had a horrid fear that maybe COTA had wised up and decided to cease operations for the day.  (It was a horrid fear because that meant I had gotten out of my warm bed and ventured into that snow for nothing.  Additionally, that would mean heading back the same way to get home.)

That meant I had mixed feelings when I looked north and saw the bus headed toward my stop.  I’d get to work… eventually.  The bus moved very slowly, and seemed to skid a bit every time it pulled over to a bus stop to let on passengers, but we made it downtown.  Since it was a Level Two snow emergency, the ride was free; the driver had put a bag over the coin slot and card reader.

Once I got to work, I saw there were more absences than people present.  I think many people decided to eat the Presidents’ Day pay rather than venture out into the weather.  I managed to stay busy with indexing and delivering dockets, but the overall quiet of the 10th floor was quite unnerving.

And Columbus Public is closed tomorrow as well.  There is supposed to be an additional inch of accumulation overnight.

Come the dawn, I will be heading downtown.

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