The Cabin Fever Diaries

 My goal was to return to work this morning, but I’m still lingering at home, hoping that I will be able to step outside and catch the bus downtown in the morning.  I still feel like I’ve been gut-punched, and I don’t have much of an appetite, but what kept me home today was a second wave of heavy snowfall here in Franklin County.  We’re now digging out from about two feet of snow, and walking is difficult enough for someone completely able-bodied.  A Facebook friend (with whom I had many intense conversations when we both lived in Cincinnati), reminded me not to overdo it.  Just because the hospital released me the same day doesn’t mean I didn’t have an organ removed.   How right he was/is.

My only time out of the house has been Monday, when I made a quick trip downtown to the credit union to cash a check.  Even that exertion taxed me, and when you factor in the snow, I have not crossed the threshold.  Neither has Steph–she’s had lots of congestion and headache, so she’s been sneezing and coughing up a storm.

My time off has not been all that productive.  I’ve neglected the holographic diary, and no creative writing has emanated from me since before I even knew I was going in for the gallbladder surgery.  I did manage to dictate two taped letters, and they are currently in transit.  I doubt they’ll make very pleasant listening, since the focus of the subject matter was the operation and my recovery.  At the end of the tape that went out this afternoon (Susie handed the small padded envelope to our letter carrier when he came to deliver the mail today), I apologized for sounding so much like a little old lady, since the tape was chock full of news about doctors, surgery, and my appetite, bowel movements, medication, etc.

The unanimous advice I’ve heard since I learned about the operation is that I’ll feel so much better with the gallbladder gone.  It’s been a week now, and my answer to that question is, "Starting when?"  It is good news that I’ve lost 10 pounds since I came home from the hospital, but I’m still a little bloated from the carbon dioxide they pumped into me as part of the procedure.  (I’m taking Gas-X to alleviate that.)  I know I shouldn’t gorge myself when I eat, because the liver is still adjusting its bile output because there is no longer a gallbladder, but I have almost no appetite.  I’m eating more or less for maintenance, and can forget totally about food until Steph or Susie mentions that they’re getting dinner together.

Part of my entertainment in exile has been watching THE L WORD with Steph.  She and I were both lukewarm about it when we tried to watch it before, but both of us got hooked on it this time around.  I checked out the first season DVDs from the library just before I went into the hospital, and the rest of them we’ve been streaming from YouTube and sites such as  We’re midway into the fourth season.

I want to end the entry by apologizing for its appearance.  I just began using Google Chrome, and apparently it won’t permit me to italicize or bold on LiveJournal, and it won’t create Hotlinks when I type URLs in the text.  I may resort to Internet Explorer just for posting in here–it’s too damn slow for anything else.


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