While the Blog Was on Hiatus…

Started to stream Brandywine Radio for music.  Ended up listening to a high school basketball game between Archbishop Prendergast and Cardinal O’Hara.  Switched to Windows Media Player!

When I finished yesterday’s blog, I left my readers (all three of them) on edge with a promise to bring everyone up to speed on changes in my family’s life during the time I neglected to write in here.

As I type, Steph and her band are rehearsing in the living room.  Complete with a bass player, a pianist, a drummer, and guitarist, they’re hoping to perform at major festivals this spring and summer–Italian Festival, Comfest, Via Colori, etc.  Steph sets a good table for these rehearsals.  Tonight it was chili.  I had a single helping, but wanted more.  (I’m taking much smaller portions these days to avoid upset stomach later.)

Steph has many new voice and piano students, of all ages.  She and Pat finally put their heads together and developed a Website, http://www.mesler-music.com, and once it was off and running, the phone and emails began rolling in.  One of her voice students, Lea Keiffer, gave a very powerful and stellar recital in our living room the Sunday before last.

Susie left Dominion Middle School just before the Christmas holiday.  She stayed in long enough to perform as the Duchess in the school play, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but then she returned to homeschooling.  The chaotic and unchallenging curriculum, the bureaucratic incompetence, the arbitrary enforcement of non-issue rules (such as dress codes), all added up to a decision that Columbus Public School could serve no functioning in educating someone as intelligent as Susie.  So she is being semi-homeschooled.

Susie now attends the Buckeye Online School for Success, which is totally free of charge.  She takes her classes online.  The school kept UPS busy in our neighborhood for 2-3 days.  They mailed her textbooks, a computer, a scanner, and a printer, all of it free of charge.  And they reimburse us the cost of our Internet service.  So Susie is usually awake by 7 a.m., and she’s at the computer working on math, English, or geography by the time I’m heading out the door to work.

I’m glad that I walked this evening from work, 4.1 miles per Google Maps.  I’ll have to be taking it easy for the first week or so after the surgery.  It’s a laporoscopic procedure, so I’ll heal a lot more rapidly, and there won’t be as much of a scar, but that does not mean I can come home from the hospital and run a triathalon.  Reading between the lines, it sounds like I’d be wise to stick close to a bathroom for a day or two.

It sounds like the gallbladder is an organ your body won’t miss.  It’s not 100% useless, like the appendix and the tonsils, but the liver should quickly learn to live without it.  That’s why I have to take it easy, activity- and food-wise, the first few days after surgery, as my liver adjusts to having to secrete bile directly into the duodenum, without the gallbladder there to serve as a reservoir.

On my Google home page, I’ve set up a timer that’s counting backwards until the surgery.  It reminds me of those "countdown clocks" that NBC News would have on the screen during moon launches.


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