Addendum to Maynard Festival

Earlier this month, Susie and I went to the Maynard Festival, a one-block street festival put on by the good people of Maynard Ave. United Methodist Church.  When I blogged about it, I wrote about Susie pitching in as poet-on-demand, writing quick poems so someone else could type them on a Hermes 8 manual typewriter and then give them to the person requesting them.

Here is a picture of Susie in action:

She’s on the right, in the red shirt.  My thanks to Nancy Kangis, who organized the poetry-on-demand table.  I lifted this from, as I did these words written by Susie:

for Jason

Let’s play scary words.
Mine are: filabuster, panache and mango.
Why are mangos scary?
A dog named Mango bit off my spleen
five years ago.

and also this one, for Shannon Zee:

Said the girl in the red shirt
under an umbrella. “My name doesn’t have a
Z in it.” Not Suzy, but Susie.
You spelled it wrong. No offense.

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