Back to the Sleep Doctor, Back to Lithium

I went to see my sleep doctor this afternoon for the first time since about January.  I told him that I’m not having exactly gleamingly positive results from using the C-PAP.  Even when the nasal mask isn’t constantly causing my nose to itch, my sleep ends for the night at 3:30-4 a.m. when I do use it.  The Seroquel that I take at an hour before bedtime does definitely work.  I’ve actually dozed off during SVU, which is 100% out of character for me.  (It wasn’t all that noteworthy to doze off during CSI: Miami, as anyone who has seen David Caruso’s acting can testify.)

I mentioned to the doc my overall flat mood and affect, which pervades even when I’m doing things that I would normally enjoy–such as typing entries in here, for instance.  He has been giving me Carb-Levo to keep the restless leg syndrome at bay, and it’s working (for the most part).  Long-time readers of this blog will remember that I went off lithium two years ago because of the side effects.  The technical term is dyskinesia (increase of involuntary movements, diminishments of voluntary movements, like a tic or chorea), and Steph first noticed it when I was having trouble controlling my hands during lunch.  My hand was shaking like a tuning fork while trying to pour a glass of water.  I looked in the PDR and on Medline, and saw this was a common side effect of lithium.

Carb-Levo was originally created to minimize the effects of Parkinson’s disease, so I asked the doctor if, since I’m taking Carb-Levo, could I resume lithium?  He thinks that might work, so he wrote me a prescription for 300 mg of lithium, to be taken at bedtime.  I’m not wild about going back on it, but I need something to elevate my mood.  It’s been very humid here in Columbus, and the outside weather has been reflecting the overall state of my mind and emotions.

Right now, I’m at the Whetstone Library with Susie while Steph teaches piano and voice at home.  Freer of distractions here than I am at home, I thought I’d actually take the time to sit down and write in here–can’t write in the holographic diary, since I left it at work.  (I’m flattering myself to think anyone would be interested enough in me to read it.

My time draws short on this machine, so I will post it and then go pick up my reserves.


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