My Easter Weekend Thus Far: Buying Lamb, Getting a New Wallet

Steph, Susie, and I went to an excellent Seder at church last night.  I met them after work, with a pit stop at Kroger to pay the electric and gas companies their respective pounds of flesh.  We ate quite well–the meal that accompanied the ceremonial Pesach food was quite filling, and I had no desire to snack on anything once we were home.  Steph and I watched 20/20 after Susie hit the sack, and then we went to bed as well.

Tomorrow is Easter.  (I’ve been racking my brain to remember what Jesus’ first words were, according to the Gospels, after rising from the dead.  I think it was, "Taa-DAAAAAH!!", but I forget which Gospel writer says this.)  We’re having friends over late in the afternoon Sunday, so this morning I took Susie to breakfast at White Castle and then enlisted her services at Giant Eagle, armed with the shopping list Steph wrote out for me.  I bought a boneless lamb (the last one they had available!), Crock-Pot sized.  I wasn’t 100% sure it was the type of lamb Steph had in mind, so I took a picture of it with my phone and sent it to Steph.  It was just what she wanted.  The whole grocery bill (the lamb was the impetus for the whole shopping trip) was just over $100, which was far less than I thought it would be.

Early this afternoon, Susie and I went to a candy store so Susie could buy new Webkinz stuffed animals.  I ducked into the used bookstore in the same strip, and bought a Paperback Library edition of Milt Machlin’s book The Private Hell of Hemingway, published in January 1962, six months after Hemingway’s suicide.  I had enjoyed Machlin’s book Ninth Life, about Caryl Chessman, so I’m sure this Hemingway book will be a good one.

Steph was at nearby Global Gallery, waiting for her knitting friends and eating zucchini bread.  When we walked in, she had just finished paying for a new wallet for me.  The wallet I carried until less than an hour ago was completely dilapidated.  She and Susie had made it out of duct tape, and after about two years of service, it was time to be put to pasture.  I moved what cash I had (not much, as always), as well as various insurance cards, bus passes, IDs, postage stamps, and store discount cards, to the new wallet.  Susie had made the duct tape wallet, so throwing it in the trash was a little sad.  This new red leather wallet doesn’t quite feel right yet in my back pocket, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

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