We’re Breathing Again… and Loving Our New Home

Friday was the day that Steph and I expected would be a nightmare without end.  That was the day that the actual move would happen, using professional movers.  In ’00, we had a bad experience when we moved from Baja Clintonville to South High Street.  The movers seemed to travel the 8.5 miles from one place to the other via Pittsburgh.

Not the case on Friday.  We hired Integrity Moving, and the job was completed, including putting the furniture in the right rooms, in about 90 minutes.  They even gave Steph a ride from the house in Franklinton to our new place, so it saved her the cost of a taxi.  (She stayed to direct traffic and to make sure the movers didn’t lollygag around like we’ve experienced in the past.  I had to go to the bank and run other errands early Friday morning.)

To show our appreciation, here is Integrity Moving’s URL: http://www.integritymovingllc.com.

We were in a celebratory mood, so we took Pat, Tanya, and their kids out to dinner at Ichiban Japanese Steak House (a haven for carnivores and pyromaniacs), and Steph and I have both been dropping off to sleep with little effort, mainly because we aren’t waiting for the other shoe to drop from our reprobate neighbors, and plus the move and worrying about all its accompanying logistics have exhausted us.

Also, there is no TV in the bedroom.  We have yet to obtain any digital converters for the house, and a frequent bone of contention at bedtime has been keeping the TV on vs. turning it off at night.  It helps lull Steph to sleep, it kept me awake.  So there is no picture tube in the bedroom, and both of us are sleeping better because of it.

I spent several hours last night unpacking boxes of books for my new basement/office.  There are several small puddles of undetermined origin that were there when I made my first walk-through as a tenant.  My guess is that it’s a result of all the warm temperatures last week.  We went from 5+ inches of ice on the ground to temperatures in the mid-50s almost overnight, and that water has to go somewhere.  I don’t worry about the basement flooding, because Clintonville is pretty high up, but the water is a bit annoying.  I have put all my bookcases on empty milk crates, and posted an ad on the Columbus Freecycle’s site asking if anyone has a Shop-Vac they’re willing to unload.  I did a little bit of work on the office this morning, between the time Steph and Susie left for church and the time I walked down to High St. to catch the bus to join them there.  I took advantage of having the house to myself by cranking up Wings’ "Live and Let Die" as high as I could stand it.  (Note that it was not the Guns N’ Roses version.)

Steph is knitting afghans for rural Athens County people, and Susie and I are at the library.  Heading home via the Clintonville Market (the co-op we have now joined).

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