Susie Buys Her First Cell Phone With Her Own Cash

Susie and I are at the Franklinton library while Steph teaches a voice lesson.  A little later this morning, I’m taking her to Family Dollar so she can buy herself a cell phone.  (Steph and I finally paid her all the back allowance we’ve owed her for weeks!)

Last month, we laid down the law with Susie–if she wants to have a cell phone, she needs to buy it and pay for it herself.  We were including a line for her on our Revol account, but in the space of two weeks, she managed to break one (insurance and loyalty discounts enabled us to replace it for about $5 and change), and then leave its replacement at the library and lose it about 10 days later.

My hope is that since it comes from her own pocket this time, she’ll do better with hanging onto it.  This also means we’re doing the prepaid option.  Our next stop from here is Family Dollar, so she can buy a TracFone.  (One of her friends has one, and they seem to be quite popular in this neighborhood, especially their annoying walkie-talkie feature.  Susie will have no need, as far as I can see, for the walkie-talkie.)  At one time, I would have suggested PagePlus, but I’ve had back experiences with their phones dying 1-2 days after buying them at the corner markets in this neighborhood.

We watched Ghost last night, and I really enjoyed it.  (Since Patrick Swayze will become one before long, it seemed appropriate.)  I’ve never cared much for movies about the supernatural, with very few exceptions, but this was excellent.

I’m nearing the end of Andrew Vachss’ Another Life, and he has said this is the final book featuring his recurring character Burke, the institution-raised thief and con man who lives to hunt down and destroy child abusers.  Burke is not a likable character–other than his hatred of child abusers and those who prey on children sexually, he is totally lacking in scruples–but his loyalty to his “family of choice” endears him to me.  (His “family of choice” is a ragtag gang of criminals who live below the radar in New York with him.)  If you’re new to the works of Andrew Vachss, don’t start with Another Life.  Start at Flood, the first one, and read the series in order.


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