‘Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving

Steph and Susie went to see Australia (and gave it two thumbs up when I came home from work), and Pat texted me mid-morning offering to take me to lunch.  I accepted his invitation, which means that Friday at work I’ll have a Tupperware full of macaroni and cheese to supplement the turkey sandwiches I brought for lunch this morning.

I kept fairly busy, but had the usual problems with staying on task.  I’d do some work here and there, and then stray off to look at the Wikipedia, or the National Weather Service’s radar of Central Ohio, etc.  At least I am secure in the knowledge that there will be something to do when I come in Friday morning, and at the same time not having to sweat blood about having a stack of work so high I need a periscope to see over it.

Our huskie-chow mix Emery should rightly be named Erich Weiss (Houdini’s birth name).  He has mastered the art of opening the front gate, turning on the light in my office, and opening my office door.  On Saturday, I stopped at the pet store near the Laundro and bought a 20′ tie-out chain and brought it home, because he was easily escaping the $2 chain I had bought at Family Dollar.  Triumphantly, I brought the tie-out chain home and attached Emery to it, and went inside to help Steph and Susie prepare for the three dinner guests we were hosting.  When I went out to check the mail, I noticed that the tie-out seemed peculiarly slack.  I followed it to the back yard, and found the back gate wide open and nothing but a collar attached to the tie-out.  Susie ran in one direction looking for Emery, and I went in another, both in vain.  (This is one of the few times when cell phones truly are a blessing–we were all able to keep in touch while scattered in different directions.)  Finally, it came close to time for our guests to come, so I aborted the search.  The sun was setting, so it wouldn’t have been easy to search anyhow.  We left the front gate wide open and the front door open, so if Emery was so inclined, he could find his way back.

Which he did, eventually.

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