Sunday Morning Coming Down

I was listening to that particular song (written by Kris Kristofferson, but covered magnificently by the Man in Black) yesterday while I was working at the Laundro, and I thought about it this morning.  The particulars of the song haven’t been part of my life for a decade (waking up hungover and walking somnabulistically through the day while other people around me enjoy it), but the morning did "come down" sooner than expected.

Steph had a wonderful concert with the Columbus Women’s Chorus at Trinity Episcopal Church this afternoon.  It was a joint concert with Windsong, which is Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus.  Columbus Women’s Chorus’ Website is, and I mention this because they have some holiday gigs coming up, including a concert on the 17th of December at the Franklin Park Conservatory and New Year’s Eve at Trinity.  Steph was feeling under the weather and running a small fever on and off–mostly on–this weekend, so she skipped church to save her energy and resources for the concert.

I went to the 9 a.m. service at church and then did dishes from the dinner party we had last night.  It was a fine meal, with great people in attendance and a lively game of Fact or Crap afterwards.  I was able to stay awake to watch Criminal Minds afterwards, but just barely.  I decided to forego watching the news afterwards, because I’m sure all they’d cover would be the OSU-Michigan game and its aftermath.  (I know that OSU won, and that the score was pretty lopsided.  Other than that, I know nothing and care even less.)

In all my years of diary-keeping, I may have mentioned sports less than five times (other than the times I was manager of the basketball team in eighth grade at St. Mary’s and videotaping basketball for the coaches in high school).  I remember my 1974 diary, the first one I ever kept.  One Sunday, desperate for something to write, I wrote, "There’s really nothing to write about, except that Miami won the Super Bowl."

Steph and Susie are watching a DVD of Funny Girl while I type.  ("People who need people are the luckiest most annoying people in the world.")

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