Sweet Dreams at the Sleep Study (Yeah, Right!)

At last I have time to post in here!  Sunday night I stayed at Grant Hospital’s sleep lab, because it seems that my sleep apnea and other problems are back with a vengeance.  Steph was lukewarm about my going to another sleep study–I had one 4-5 years ago, used a C-PAP for awhile, and then when I dropped weight the snoring seemed to go away.  But the last straw was the other night, when I rolled over on my side and effectively ended up snoring in her ear.  As I have blogged in the past, I awaken at least 2-3 times per night, not awake enough to contemplate getting out of bed, but awake enough to glance at the digital clock in the darkness and realize that it’s not time to get out of bed yet.

So, on Veterans’ Day ("V.D. Day," according to Edith Bunker), I went to Central Ohio Sleep Medicine in Gahanna and spoke with a sleep doctor/psychiatrist.  I described how I have been waking up at night, how sometimes I wake myself up snoring, how it’s affecting Steph, how I’ve been sleeping past bus stops, everything.  I also was truthful about my caffeine intake.  He scheduled me for a Sunday night/Monday morning appointment at the sleep clinic downtown.  (I wanted downtown so I could go easily to work in the morning.)

How do they expect anyone to sleep?  My technician was a nice woman, but I felt like I was being prepared for the electric chair.  (She even shaved spots on my legs for electrodes and conducting gel.)  I was supposed to sleep while electrodes and leads were on my shins, temples, jaw, and shoulders, and while tubes were in my nostrils.  The wires were hair-thin, but there were so many of them!

Yes, I did awaken a few times during the night.  I don’t know how many times, or how often, because the room had no clock in it.  My watch and cell phone were on the table opposite where I had settled in bed, and I didn’t want to reach for them and drag all that equipment with me and risk disconnecting any of it.  It was a cross between Altered States and A Clockwork Orange.

Never in my life was I so happy to hear that it was time to get up.  It took several shampooings to get the conducting gel out of my hair and my beard (I do need a beard trim–the whiskers are getting to be as tough as a Brillo pad lately.)  I see the doc on 12/5 to go over the results and the charts that were generated during my night at the lab.

Will keep you posted.

One thought on “Sweet Dreams at the Sleep Study (Yeah, Right!)

  1. Familiar Story

    You’ve told me this story before, I think. Isn’t this the same guy whose parents would buy the booze FOR him, then pray every night for God to deliver him from his alcoholism???



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