Relying on the Internet of Strangers

Our lights are still on, although I can’t say the same for Pat and Tanya (the irony there is that he works for AEP!) or for some of the houses on the other side of our street.  Entries in this blog won’t be as frequent as they have been in the past, since there’s no more cable or Internet at home.  We’ve decided to sacrifice cable for the time being, and use what money we have instead for the co-pays for Steph’s medications.  There are quite a few we can get for $4 at Kroger, Target, Giant Eagle, etc., but there are quite a few that aren’t.  No Internet access means I have to get Wi-Fi service wherever I can, so many entries in the days and weeks to come will be datelined "Panera" or "library," etc.

Steph is going to her cardiologist (in Columbus) on Monday afternoon, so I’m ditching work at 11 and meeting her at Riverside Hospital.  Her first rehab session is Wednesday in Hilliard, and she also has her first appointment at the Coumadin lab at Doctors’ West that same day.  (She uses COTA’s paratransit service, Project Mainstream, to get around these days.)  She’s been sleeping a lot during the day these days, and she has never been one for taking naps.  She felt a little congested last night after eating a pint of ice cream I went out to UDF and got her.  Too much dairy tends to produce a lot of crud later on.  Also, she had to use the inhaler her doctor prescribed, and its quite foul taste can linger in your mouth for days and ruin the taste of anything else… even food you love.  I’m glad she was able to have a full dinner of Pizza Hut pasta before having to use the inhaler.

Susie is sick as well.  She woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, and her cough sounded quite productive.  That meant she wasn’t able to play soccer early this afternoon, but I hope she’ll be recovered enough for church tomorrow, especially since she’s supposed to light the Chalice at the beginning of the 11 a.m. service.

I took some notes for the writing project I plan to kick off in November.  I’m giving National Novel-Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) another go, and I think it’ll be easier this time around, since I’ll be using a laptop and won’t have to be staying up at all hours of the night working at home, like I did when I was using a typewriter.  For you aspiring writers who hang on my every word, go to and get the details you need.  Also, supplement that with Chris Baty’s book No Plot? No Problem!.  The rules say that you can compile notes, etc., but you can’t start the manuscript itself until 12 midnight on November 1.

Some idiot just went by in his car down W. Town St. (I’m at the Franklinton library, at a desk that faces Dakota Ave.) with his bass speakers throbbing so loudly the windows rattled and he set off someone’s car alarm.  That is one element of this neighborhood I cannot stand.

I left Steph on the couch watching DVDs of Slings and Arrows when I came here.  I used WinWay here at the library to type a new resume (I mean reh-SOO-may; I don’t know how to type diacritical marks and special characters on LiveJournal), since I’m trying to pick up some part-time work.  It was a nightmare, but I managed to save it as a Word document on the laptop.

I slept fairly well last night, and wasn’t out of bed until around 9, but I’m yawning almost every time I hit the RETURN key.


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