Steph Home from Hospital for Pneumonia She Didn’t Have

She rolled out of Mount Carmel’s main entrance just before 6 last night.  She finally had the TEE yesterday afternoon, and it showed there was no infection in or around the heart valve.

And she probably didn’t have pneumonia, either.  All of her tests came back negative for infection except one, and it was not in the valve and can easily be wiped out with antibiotics.  I’m sure it felt great when the PICC line was removed.  Tanya ran me to the Kroger pharmacy on Soldano Blvd. last night to fill the two prescriptions the cardiologist gave her as a going-away present.  (Naturally, neither of them were generic.)  Because of all the antibiotics for the (non-) pneumonia, after I came home from work today I went out to CVS to buy her a tube of Monistat-7, since it produces a nasty side effect.

Steph and I celebrated her release with dinner at The Florentine.  It was quite good and quite filling (I had veal parmesan and wedding soup).  It was so filling I had no room for dessert–and I love their banana-cream pie.

Susie’s first soccer game is tomorrow morning at Whetstone Park, and she’s looking forward to it.  The Weather Channel’s Website is predicting a wet weekend, but I know that won’t sidetrack the soccer game.  I think the game will be like some of the NFL and college football games I’ve seen on TV, where by halftime everyone is so muddy you can’t tell who’s on which team.

Today got off on a bad foot–I was almost out the door before I realized I didn’t have my glasses.  I had worn them in bed so I could watch TV (mostly DVR recordings of Criminal Minds and Lou Grant), but took them off before I fell asleep.  Once I realize I didn’t have them, it was too late.  Awakening Steph before she’s ready to get out of bed is a dangerous thing at best.  After being awakened at all hours of the night at the hospital for blown IVs, blood draws, breathing treatments, and medication, I knew Steph would have me shot at dawn for waking her up unnecessarily.

But, thanks to some out-of-character preparedness, I was okay once I got to work.  I keep my previous pair of glasses in a case on my desk at work for emergencies such as these.  My eyes have changed since I bought that pair, but they did the job.  Waiting for the bus minus the glasses was a pain.  As I looked up the street, I kept seeing the orange sodium lights in the underpass and thinking it was a bus with its orange destination sign above the windshield flashing.

The backlog of doctors’ reports seems to be down to two reports, but they’re both by my second-least favorite doctor.  I tried to forestall it by making corrections on other reports and typing a stack of lump sum advancements, but at day’s end, they were still there.  Hopefully it won’t get worse during the day Monday.

Governor Strickland announced an across-the-board 4.5% budget cut for all State agencies earlier this week.  I panicked when I was watching the 6 p.m. news in Steph’s hospital room and saw that.  Our union’s assembly president is trying to reassure people that our jobs are safe, because the Industrial Commission’s money doesn’t come from the General Fund, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall regarding my job.  I just celebrated four years at the Industrial Commission, and, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know this is the absolute worst time for me to be looking for work.  Strickland announced the agencies have until the 22nd to decide where to cut, and until the first week of October to put said cuts into effect.

Now I know what it feels like to see the jury retire for deliberations.


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