Safe, Sound, and Sane (?) in Cleveland

The focus has now shifted to Cleveland, where Steph will begin her battery of pre-surgery tests and labs.  Our friend Joanna drove us up here, leaving around 4 p.m.  We packed comparitively light, with the exception of Steph’s scooter and our laptops.  I brought my faithful over-the-shoulder bag with my journal and books I brought for the trip.  (During the many hours to come in the waiting room, I may actually put a dent in Pynchon’s Against the Day, which Steph got me for Christmas and of which I have read about 60 pages, tops.)

The trip itself was blessedly uneventful.  It was the first time I have been to Cleveland since Steph and I were married.  (On 7/30/96, Steph and I got married at Highbanks Metro Park in Powell.  Our friend Rich drove us, along with Steph’s dad, to the Amtrak station so we could catch our trains.  Steph’s dad was headed home to Milwaukee, we were headed to San Francisco.)  During my high school days, when I was at the height of my activity in Unitarian Universalist youth activities, I was up here fairly often at different conferences and camps, and I was often sending mailings up here.

Steph and I have just eaten dinner, delivered from the Amazing Wok restaurant, and Steph has to fast until after her procedure, so she’ll be hitting the sack pretty soon.  We’re sitting at a round table in our temporary living quarters, Room 112 at the Cleveland Sight Center.  It is not elegant by any means, but it’s very comfortable and air-conditioned.  Unfortunately, the rooms have single beds, so Steph and I can’t sleep together.  That may be better for tonight at least, since Steph is about to collapse and I’m too wound up to sleep.  (There may be many more blog entries in the next 24 hours, depending on how much energy I feel like expending.)  Also, I commit the trifecta of sins beyond redemption for someone who shares a bed: I steal covers, I sleep diagonally, and I snore.

The Cleveland Sight Center is not part of the Cleveland Clinic’s complex, but they do loan out rooms and living quarters to clients of the University Circle area.  For $250 a week, we have a living room, kitchen, two small bedrooms, and a bathroom.  If any of you readers went to Ohio U., and lived on New South Green, the layout is much like the “modular units” in the dorms there.  The mods had a common area with one- or two-person rooms and a shared bathroom.  (The mods at O.U. didn’t have kitchenettes.)  There is no TV here, although I have some type of radio receiver in my room–which I think accesses the Radio Reading Service, because it doesn’t seem to be the same radio that you would have in your house.  The lack of a TV is really a non-issue, because what I do want to watch I can stream from

Also, there is a two-lane bowling alley in the basement.  When Susie comes up on Saturday, I’m sure that’ll keep her entertained.

Steph will be hitting the sack shortly, so she wants me to sit in her room and talk to her until she drifts off.  (She has the room closer to the bathroom.)  I thought I would file a status report here for those enquiring minds who want to know.  We’ve paid until the fourth of August, so this is our H.Q. for at least the end of the week.

For more information about the Cleveland Sight Center, their Website is

There is shuttle service to and from here to the Clinic, and under better conditions, Steph would be able to make the rounds of her various appointments on foot.


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