Excellent ROLLING STONE article on Britney Spears

I am convinced she is no longer play-acting–that woman is seriously mentally ill.  She was not equipped, spiritually or psychologically, for fame and everything, positive and negative, that accompanies it.  If she is still psychiatrically hospitalized, she is where she needs to be.  And, unless there is lots of mending on her part, letting her be with her children (even with supervised visits) is as smart as letting a child play with power tools.  (When there were stories that she was studying Kabbalah–which seems to be the spiritual flavor of the month in Hollywood–she said, “I no longer study Kabbalah.  My baby is my religion.”  That is as it should be, sez me, speaking as a parent.  But apparently she’s desecrating the temple these days.)

I don’t follow the adventures of Hollywood stars.  I barely could tell Britney Spears apart from her many clones whenever I ended up watching Entertainment Tonight.

If she wants to mount a comeback, she should audition for a gig as an emcee for Patriotic Pops.  The Columbus Pops Orchestra hosts this concert every July, right around Independence Day, on the back lawn of Chemical Abstracts.  (It’s kind of a Nuremburg Rally for yuppies and suburbanites.)  I was dragged to it by a friend of my wife’s (along with Steph and Susie), and spent the entire week before the event praying for a cloudburst.

When Tucker Carlson interviewed Britney Spears about the Iraq war, she said: “Honestly, I think we should just trust our President in every decision he makes and should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.”

She’d fit right in with fans of Patriotic Pops.

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