Susie’s Hitchcockian Appearance on Last Night’s News

Yesterday was a Federal holiday for those of us who give 40 hours per week to the State of Ohio.  I wish I could say I spent the day in thoughtful contemplation of Dr. King and his dream… but instead I went to see my shrink (for the first time since August), ate lunch with Steph and Susie’s friend Tierney (aged 14) at a Mexican restaurant just north of the Ohio State campus, farted around at Kafe Kerouac, and surfed the Web at Sullivant Hall.

Susie, however, was my proxy.  Since returning to homeschooling, she goes to Tanya’s history class on Monday morning.  Yesterday, this was followed by their participating in the parade honoring Martin Luther King.  When Tanya dropped Susie off, after the program at Vets’ Memorial and a feast at the Spaghetti Warehouse, she told us that the kids would be on the news, since they helped carry the banner.  I set the VCR up to record the 10 o’clock news from Channel 28, the Fox channel, and the 11 o’clock news from WBNS-TV, Channel 10.

Here is a clip from Channel 28.  Just click on the below link:

and look at the kids carrying the banner.  Susie, Gianna, and Sasha (Gianna’s brother, aged seven) are all quite visible.  I should add that Steph made the coat that Susie is wearing in this clip.

I’m gradually easing back into taking meds, something that I was hoping to avoid.  Steph has said that I seem more depressed and angry than I have in years, and it’s starting to take its toll on my relationship with her and with Susie.  So, I told all this to my psychiatrist yesterday, and he has put me back on Lamictal (which I have to start at a small dosage and work my way up) and he wants me to resume taking Wellbutrin SR (generic name is buproprion).  I’ll resume them tonight.  The doctor gave me a free starter kit for the Lamictal, since I have to slowly increase the dosage over the next month, and he wrote me a prescription for the Wellbutrin.  I think I have some of the pills I didn’t take sitting on my desk, but if not, I’ll fill the prescription later in the week.

And I’m checking back with him in two weeks.

Susie and I are at the Whetstone Library right now.  She has children’s choir (Peace Pals) rehearsal tonight at the Unitarian Church, so she met me at my office, and we’re here before we head to the church for dinner and rehearsal.  I’m at a computer in the Periodicals section, drinking a Coca-Cola Zero and posting in here.  I wrote in the composition book diary during my 3 o’clock break and yesterday while at Kafe Kerouac.


2 thoughts on “Susie’s Hitchcockian Appearance on Last Night’s News

  1. Re: Arghhhh

    Unfortunately, WSYX-TV, the local Faux News–uh, Fox News–channel, only seems to keep its news links up for a day or two. When I typed in that URL, I thought it would be archived indefinitely. Apologies to one and all!


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