Some Work Being Done

It’s too soon to declare victory in the writer’s block struggle, but p. 66 (its second incarnation) is finally out of the typewriter.  As you may have recalled, I left off at p. 66 when the writer’s block hit me in mid-November, and when I decided to try to get back in gear and start working again, I reread the last section that I had written.  Around p. 62, I made the decision that the story could go in an entirely different direction and would probably be better.  So I started over from there, got midway to p. 66, and then stalled for a day or two.  (I was not worried that was some cursed number, because then I’ll truly be walking the floor once I hit p. 666.  Writing that page number doesn’t bother me either–it’s a ways down the road.  I truly concur with Thomas Jefferson.  A man who understood the Bible better than most Popes, he said this about the Book of Revelation: “It is between fifty and sixty years since I read it [the Apocalypse], and I then considered it merely the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams.”)

I took Susie to her children’s choir practice last night, and when we got home (having to brave 40 mph winds downtown while waiting for our bus), I worked on about two pages, getting over the p. 66 hump, while Susie watched a DVD in her room and Steph had a voice lesson downstairs.  I would have written more, but her student paid in cash so we decided to order in a late Donato’s Pizza dinner.

Whether I’ll work on the manuscript tonight remains to be seen.  After dinner, we’re probably going to have a Family Game Night.  I hope it’s not The Game of Life Sentence.  I’m hoping it’s something relatively simple like Uno.  If/when I do get to the typewriter tonight, I’ll probably be writing with Criminal Minds and Law and Order on the black-and-white portable in my study.  (Sometimes I’m tempted to get rid of that set altogether, but it’s yet to happen.)

Steph and Susie are still finding their way with homeschooling.  Susie passed the fourth-grade math proficiency test, which is probably the last level at which I could manage–fractions are about my limit, although I found myself remembering more about quadratic equations than I thought I had.  Steph texted me during work today to inform me that Susie had a 100% on her spelling test, which was good news.


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