Most Unproductive Night Thus Far

I only did about two pages last night.  I took Susie to kids’ choir practice at the Unitarian Church, and then came home while Steph was in the middle of a lesson.  I made sure that Susie was in bed, light off, at the appropriate time, and then sat down and began typing.  Steph’s student paid her in cash, so once we knew that Susie was asleep, we ordered in from Pizza Hut.  That pretty much put the kibosh on writing for the night–that and the fact that a new episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit was on at 10.  There was a half-finished page in the typewriter carriage when I got home from work, so I’ll try to add more to the stack tonight.  Steph is at Covenant Group tonight, so I’m taking Susie to dinner at Wendy’s (the one at Mount Carmel West Hospital… nearer and cleaner than the one on Broad Street), and once she’s in bed, it’s me and the Royalite.  I’m taping Criminal Minds, so I won’t have that to divert me.

I wasn’t in the best emotional shape today… Steph could sense it as I was dragging myself through waking up, showering, dressing, and heading out the door to the bus.  I texted her in mid-day about my mood–that I was somewhat worried by it–and she could see it.  I’m hoping the writing tonight will be somewhat therapeutic.  Writing in the blog right now is kind of like limbering up beforehand.  My goal is seven pages–by the time the month is over, I’ll be well over 150 pages.

As for the music I plan to play tonight while I work, it’s going to be a mixture of Jackson Browne (“Running on Empty” is a good title for my life from age 16-33), Neil Young, and Dave Brubeck.  (I mentioned earlier that I had been listening to Gordon Lightfoot during an earlier session.  I recently learned that “Sundown,” which is my favorite of his songs, was written in honor of Cathy Smith, his onetime groupie and mistress–the same one who injected John Belushi with the heroin/cocaine speedball that killed him.  Belushi could have said, “No Coke–Pepsi”, BUUUUTTT NOOOOOOOO…)

Congratulations to my old friend Paul Wiehl.  Last night, he was elected (with >60% of the vote) mayor of Athens, Ohio.  Here in Columbus, Michael Coleman was elected to a third consecutive term as mayor.  I voted for him every time he ran.  I’ve known Paul since 1976, when he was a student at Marietta College and I was 13 years old and between seventh and eighth grades.

One thought on “Most Unproductive Night Thus Far

  1. Even on your “most unproductive night”

    You are still an inspiration. I have complete writer’s block. Nothing coming. Not even in this note to you. You have my most humble admiration, even on a bad day.



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