Readjustment of Cynical Attitude is in Order

From time to time, I have to back down from my overall cynical and jaded attitude about my fellow inhabitants of terra firma.  This happens to be an entry where I do just that.

Yesterday, I had gotten off the bus for work, and was walking up the front steps of the building wheere I work, the William Green Building.  I was just about to walk through the revolving doors when I reached into my pocket and… no cell phone!  (I have never liked wearing them on holsters, so I just forego the case and keep cell phones in my right pants pocket–since I’m right-handed.)  I went to a pay phone (finding one was not easy), and was blessed to have $.50 in my pocket.  I called it, praying the whole time that Steph or Susie would answer the phone–that would mean I had left it at home.

No such luck.  An unfamiliar male voice answered.  He said he had found it on the seat I had just left, and had rescued it from a guy who was about to do a “finders keepers, losers weepers” by saying he knew me.  We had to speaak over 2-3 phone calls back and forth, but finally I found out he worked as a welder at Allied Fabrication way, way, way out on the east side, but reachable by bus.  I worked until 11 a.m. and then took the long bus ride out there.  He said he wanted to do the right right, since he believed in karma, the Golden Rule, etc.  I went to the fabricating place (I always expect to see Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass working there) and told the receptionist who I was.  She paged Tim (the welder’s name) over the loudspeaker.  When I saw him coming through the double doors from the workers’ area, he was holding a silver LG phone, which belonged to yours truly.  Replacing the phone would have been a big enough pain in the ass, but all the phone numbers, voice memos, notepad entries, etc. would have been even worse.

So, now I’m cell-phoned again.  The phone died while I was talking to a friend from Rhode Island, since it got plenty of mileage yesterday–all the calls back and forth, Steph’s text messages to me (followed by more text messages about why wasn’t I responding), etc.  It spent the night on the charger and seems to be okay.

Susie and I did laundry this morning at the Laundromat.  Fortunately, there is a Tim Horton almost next door to the laundry place, so once everything was spinning, we went for some breakfast sandwiches and doughnuts.  I had forgotten to bring On the Road: The Original Scroll with me, but in my backpack I had a tattered Washington Square Press paperback of Crime and Punishment that I found discarded outside someone’s apartment in Cincinnati about 12 years ago.  So I may re-read it.  (The books that are in my knapsack no matter what are On the Road, Etz Hayim (a Bible used in Conservative Jewish services, featuring the Torah and Ha’tarah plus commentary), my holographic diary, and a dictionary.)

Susie will be going to a Hallowe’en party tonight with our friend Anne.  Anne is divorcing her husband, and once she sells her condo, she’s considering moving down to Franklinton near us.  (Franklinton is the only neighborhood I can think of where you keep Dead Animal Removal on your speed-dial.)  Steph and I are probably going to a dollar movie.

I’m at the Franklinton Library.  I would sign up for another computer session, but I have a daughter who has not practiced her clarinet today, and that has to be done before she gets into her Hallowe’en costume.    So we’ll be headed home before too many moons pass.


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