Odd Phone Call from Steph

She asked me if Susie and I were home (this was around 5:32, per my phone’s log), and I told her that no, we weren’t.  She made a bizarre request: She had forgotten to pack a dinner with her when she left for an appointment (and from there to choir practice), so she was sure it was on the dining room table.  Please put it in the refrigerator if Diana, our springer spaniel, hasn’t gotten to it first.  I can do that.

I applied online for a package handling job at UPS’ facility in Obetz.  Many of my fellow State of Ohio employees moonlight, and I’ve delayed it as long as I could–especially since I plan to be writing a book all next month.  (The last time I moonlighted, working at Medco and at Sears, I ended up in the psychiatric unit.)  But our financial picture is dismal enough that I see no other alternative.  There’s hardly any overtime with the State–unlike Medco, where you could plan for an additional expense and work lots of overtime.  The job search–for both Steph and me–has been much more uphill than it was years ago, when you could apply for a job and probably have one within a month, if you applied in enough places.  I even managed to get Federal jobs, and this was pre-Internet.

That’s definitely not the case now.  Charles Bukowski says in “The Genius of the Crowd” to be wary of people who despise poverty or who take pride in it.  He’s right–I’m not ashamed to say I’m part of the “working poor”, but I don’t wear it like a Medal of Honor.  I am just grateful for the “working” part, since that’s hardly a given these days.

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