Susie Has the Next Two Days Off

One for teacher conferences, the other for Columbus Day.  So, she’s visiting a friend and I’m killing time by writing this blog and doing other online surfing at the Hilltop library.  So anxious was I to get a computer and not have to wait 45-60 minutes, I left work 1.75 hours early today and came up here.  The kids from the surrounding schools hadn’t had a chance to monopolize them yet, so I had no wait when I wanted to sign up for a computer.

So, at 5:30 I pick Susie up from Rhian’s house (pronounced “Ryan”).  I applied for two part-time jobs at the OSU Medical Center, and was tearing my hair out trying to cut and paste a resume file into the application.  (There are a half dozen screens’ worth of personal and employment information they ask you, but then they still want a resume.  I thought about including a URL to this blog, but decided this wasn’t the time.)  The two jobs are both clerical, and the pay is not wonderful, but any additional income would be a blessing.  Steph put an ad in the paper announcing that she does Tarot readings, but there’s been no response–or little response–as of yet.

Earlier in this blog I crowed about Zodiac, and now the DVD is out.  After a long wait, my reserved copy was finally available at the library, so Steph and I will watch it this weekend.  I also checked out The Basketball Diaries, which I plan to watch, although I don’t know whether Steph will want to see it or not.  Tonight, we’ll probably eat dinner in front of the TV and watch Family Guy, which is the best adult cartoon on TV.  I used to think South Park was hilarious, but Family Guy is 10 times better.

Susie was riding with me on the bus when she overheard the driver and a passenger debating about Stephen King.  She asked me who he was, and she was intrigued when I told her he wrote horror novels.  I have reserved the DVD of Stephen King’s IT from the library, and she and I will watch it on some dad ‘n’ daughter day when neither of us feels like venturing from the house.  (I picked that one because of its strong emphasis on loyalty and friendship, and for the fact the gore was substantially dialed down.  Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the villain of the story, is fantastic.)  The book is quite a doorstop; I read it in one day, getting up early in the morning.

There was a street person in Cincinnati who used to dress in a clown suit and a white hard hat, and carry an Igloo cooler with him at all times.  He never spoke, and he was harmless.  The woman tending bar at the Westin Hotel told me one night that he’d come in, order a Coke, drink it, and leave without saying a word.

He only creeped me out once.  It was the day I was reading It, and I had had a late breakfast at the Frisch’s on E. 6th St. in downtown Cincinnati.  I paid for my meal, left a tip for the waitress, and then stepped outside… and saw him.  It shows the power of Stephen King’s writer.  He definitely has a career with the prose.

I am getting some looks with my two-finger typing technique.  I’m >70 words per minute and I only use my index fingers.  When I was working for a Kinko’s knockoff store in Athens, one night a guy had to pass through our work area en route to the men’s room.  He stopped and stared at me, went into the bathroom, and came out.  He dragged his girlfriend and her friend back there to see me in action.  (I should have charged money!)  The other fingers get in my way–that’s the only explanation I can offer.

I’m waiting for a new ribbon for my Royal Royalite, because I am making up triple-time for the writer’s block I experienced.  I ordered a new ribbon, but it hasn’t come in the mail yet.  I’m still using my Smith-Corona Galaxie XII, but so many of its keys stick that I have to gear down substantially when I type, and that is unnatural for me.

Well, I’m heading off to pick up Susie.

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