Since Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue…

…I didn’t have to go to work today.  Today is when Columbus Day is observed (to make a three-day weekend), so I stayed up until almost 3 a.m.  I wrote two poems, wrote one letter and tape-recorded another, and did some corrections on The Sad Hospital, all the while listening to music and keeping the office door propped wide open.  This is the eighth of October, but the temperature in Columbus has been topping out at 91 beginning Saturday.

We met with the speech pathologist, and Susie is going to be meeting briefly with her every week.  I think it’s so that St. Mary Magdalene will continue to get the funding for their speech pathology programs.  They need as many warm bodies as they can get.

I’ve been drifting off to sleep at regular intervals during the day, and I’m sure there will be no work on the novel tonight.  I was reading in a chair here at the Hilltop branch of the public library, and I drifted off several times.  At one point, there was even a saliva stain on my shirt above the pocket.

I shouldn’t have worn dark colors today.  I have a penchant for drab colors, but in the heat and the sunlight, they’re a disadvantage, since darker colors absorb heat and light ones reflect it.

Westside Pharmacy is no more.  I tried to go there whenever possible so I could keep my money in my neighborhood and support a mom-and-pop drugstore in its David vs. Goliath struggle against the chains like Walgreen and CVS.  About two weeks ago, Susie and I were walking back from breakfast at Tim Horton and there was a big sign in Westside’s window that said all the prescriptions had been transferred to the CVS in Franklinton Square.  The “Westside Pharmacy” sign was gone from the facade, and everything inside was gone.  There were some racks and shelves, but they were devoid of any merchandise.

Truly a sad turn of events.

I’m taking Susie to a block party on Saturday morning.  It’s run by Jericho Light Club, a quasi-mission and urban ministry on West Broad St.  I’m ambivalent about it.  The theology there makes Jack T. Chick and Rod Parsley sound Unitarian, but Jericho is actually doing something, and getting past the talk stage of Christianity.  The Light Club is a hangout for kids, 100% free, supported only by donations.  There are some games, pool tables, books, etc.  Kids under 18 have to have at least one adult in tow at all times, and “no touching of the opposite sex unless married.”  The proprietor has things like Hot Pockets and two-litres of pop available for the kids to munch.  Susie’s been a few times with one of her friends; while they were playing darts and pool, the proprietor and I played a few games of chess–one of my forms of self-abasement.

He got the idea for Jericho Light Club when he was in prison on drug charges, and has made good on it in the years since he’s been out.  He also hosts Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, holds church services, and some Friday nights there are Christian youth rock bands there for free concerts.


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