Go to Your Room

I have Wednesday off from work, for Independence Day, and that is the only significance that the 4th of July has for me.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this blog, I am the same way about patriotic holidays that Scrooge was about Christmas.  “But don’t you want to celebrate being American?” you ask.  You might as well ask me if I want to celebrate being right-handed–I had about equal choice in both.

Steph and I have had a very rough week, mostly because of my doing.  One of the end results of this is that we did something we probably should have done awhile ago.  I have moved out of the master bedroom and into my study.  We both enjoy having our own rooms, mainly because we’re both only children.  Even when I was at Ohio University, I paid the extra cash to have a single room.

Steph realizes that I’m hardcore nocturnal, and she isn’t.  She didn’t mind my being awake so much, it was just that I could never get up without awakening her, which did not improve mood or situation.  She understood that I’d probably have to get up at some point during the night to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t even do that without waking her up.  The door of the master bedroom sounds like the trademark of The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre or like a sound effect in The Addams Family, so if I moved it at all, it would make noise.

So now I can have my music on and stay up typing as late as I want to.  I upend the mattress in the morning when I wake up, something like a Murphy bed, and I have a clothes rack in the room and the back balcony is good for drying clothes.

So I sleep surrounded by my books and my typewriter.  (I have a portable black-and-white TV in there, but I haven’t turned it on since I moved in.)   Steph has a whole king-sized bed to herself.

I was up until 3 a.m., and managed to write one poem.  This afternoon I wrote another one at the Subway on North High Street just north of campus.

Susie may have made a new friend at the YMCA pool last night.  This is a girl named Spencer, who is also going into fifth grade, but who is a year older than Susie (since Susie skipped a grade).  They talked and played in the pool together for 2-3 hours, and I made sure they exchanged telephone numbers before we all parted company.

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