Amazing What I’ll Do for My Peace of Mind

Yesterday, Steph gave me a batch of documents she had to mail to New York State so they’d send her a copy of her birth certificate.  I put them in my knapsack and went to work… or so I thought.

I was going over to the post office anyway, so on my break I unzipped my pack and looked in… No documents.  I took an hour of personal leave and took the bus back home.  (There wasn’t total urgency about these things, but if I didn’t see them for myself, I’d be so worried I’d lost them that I’d be unable to concentrate at work.)  Sure enough, when I got home, there they were.  (Copies of utility bills, forms that she had completed, etc.)  I copied them for her, and mailed them that afternoon.  As I type, they’re en route to Albany, N.Y.

I’ll probably regret using that one hour of leave, but it was worth it to know I hadn’t lost all that stuff I was supposed to mail.

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