No Explanation for the Lack of Entries

I can promise to do better, to write in this blog much more often than I have been.  Diaries and blogs, I think, are truly one-day-at-a-time enterprises, to take a page from the 12-Step groups.

Yesterday was pretty much Sunday for us.  We did give Susie an Easter basket, but other than that and our ham meal at about 6 o’clock, we didn’t do anything special.  Easter passed unmissed from my life once I was too old to dye eggs.

On Palm Sunday night, my friend Scott and I went walking.  We stepped off from the Park of Roses, and took a very leisurely, circuitous route toward Morse Rd., in a vague northbound direction.  We cooled our heels at a meeting Scott goes to, in a Lutheran church on Morse Rd.  On the way back, we went straight down High St. to get back to Whetstone.  Steph says my walks with him have been more therapeutic than psychotherapy.

Susie and I went to Riverside Hospital on Saturday morning, since my blood needed to be redrawn.  My psychiatrist wants to evaluate how my body metabolizes Lithium (I’m currently taking 1350 mg a day).  I already went for a blood draw in mid-March, but the results were skewed because it was too long after my last dose.  So I went Saturday morning, with Susie in tow.  (She brought along some books, markers, and blank paper, because we didn’t know how long the wait would be.)

It turned out to be 10 minutes, and the blood draw itself was about 90 painless seconds.  I only owed them one test tube, and I filled it.  I barely even felt when the needle pricked my skin.  The results were messengered to my shrink today, I think.

I have been productive this weekend, I’m happy to report.  This morning I mailed an essay to Tikkun and a poem to The New Republic.  I’ll be surprised if either one is published, but I try to remain optimistic.  I also haven’t touched my diary since Thursday or Friday, although I have been fairly good with the taped diary I started right after my microcassette recorder came in the mail.  I’ve already filled up one C-60 cassette with my august musings.  (I think the reason why I’ve been so good with it is because I can use it while I’m walking or standing at a bus stop waiting.  No can do with a pen and notebook.)

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