I Am Still Among You…

No good reason for my having neglected this blog for almost a month.  Three nights per week I am at the Main Library while Susie is in rehearsal for Bugsy Malone, Jr.  (The Davis Center is just a five-minute stride through the Deaf School Park and the Topiary Garden from the main library, which is where I hang out during rehearsals.)

One reason that I have slackened off in writing this blog is because of the side effects of a change in medicine.  After my blood draw, Dr. Schneir, my shrink, increased my dosage of Lithium from 450 mg to 1350 mg per day.  I’m sure it’ll help me even more several weeks down the road, but the side effects–headaches, jittery hands, lack of fine motor skills in the hands, irritability–are not pleasant for me or anyone else.  My typing and handwriting skills have suffered, although they’re on the way back.  (My fine motor coordination has never been wonderful to start with, although it’s paradoxical.  I can type 90+ words per minute using only my index fingers, but I have never been able to shuffle cards and I can barely use a knife and fork.)

I realized that I must have a very inflated sense of how important I am or will be in the future.  Last week, I started a third simultaneous diary.  (The longhand one in my composition book is one, this blog is another.)  I’m putting to use the Pearlcorder S701 that I bought as a taped diary.  I’m recording at slow speed, so I’m getting double the usage of those microcassettes.  I don’t think this very often, but thank God for cell phones.  Now I don’t look quite so abnormal sitting by myself or walking down the street, animatedly talking into a piece of plastic.

Currently, I’m emulating Thomas Jefferson and Ernest Hemingway.  I’m in the children’s section of the Main Library, using an Express Computer.  Like Asperger Tom and Papa Hemingway, I’m writing standing up, since there is no chair at this machine.  Susie and I came here after going to a matinee performance of Kabuki Sleeping Beauty at the Davis–as if I’m not spending enough of my life there lately!

An icon just flashed up saying that I have about five minutes left, so I’ll post this to cyberspace and try to promise my hordes of readers that I’ll be more diligent in maintaining this blog.


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