Blood Pressure – Should I Worry?

A routine trip to the nurse’s office on the third floor of the William Green Building led to a blood pressure check.  (All I came there for was some ibuprofen and/or aspirin.  The nurse asked me if I wanted my blood pressure checked.  Since I was there…)

The nurse wrapped the cuff around one bicep, and then the other.  I didn’t have to roll up my sleeve, so I sat there on my side of the desk.  Nursie watched the mercury rise in the tube and scowled a little.  The right arm result was 124/94.  The left was 130/98.  If the bottom number is over 90, that’s cause for concern.  She jotted it down on a card for me, which I am carrying in my wallet, and wants me to come back in a week.

It’s not quite “If it wasn’t for your skin, you’d be Old Faithful,” but Nursie did a double-take when she read the results.


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