I Excel at Multitasking

There were still some doctors’ tapes in the queue, but I have an understanding supervisor.  She knows that too much transcribing is wearing on the ears and the nerves.  So, to break the monotony this afternoon, I decided to type one or two Statements of Accepted Facts about injured workers.

The one at the top of the pile was very long and very detailed.  I didn’t know whether the claims examiner was going to submit or try to sell it as a movie.  But in order to have some auditory stimulation, I put in a disk of Bob Dylan’s Desire and put the headphones on.

I typed without interruption all through “Hurricane” and “Isis,” two long, almost epical songs.  By the time the disk got to “Mozambique,” I was nowhere near the home stretch.

So here’s where the multitasking comes in.  While I was typing, my cell phone vibrates.  (Cell phones are verboten at work, so the solution is to carry them in your pocket set to “vibrate.”)  I looked, and it was a text message from my friend Pat C.  He informed me that he worked on the PDA he got me… it’s toast.

So, I typed a Statement of Accepted Facts, texted back and forth with Pat for awhile (I asked him if his wife and kidneys were coming to our New Year’s Day party; they are), and listened to Mr. Zimmerman in my headphones.  All of this without the aid of a net.


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