0 for 2 in Movie Choices

The death and tragedy from the fire I described in my last entry cast a cloud over the evening alone that Steph and I had planned.  (Watch a couple DVDs, have a pizza delivered, and so on, and so on.)  Susie was at a Hallowe’en party, and was going out for food with Lizz, her favorite babysitter, afterwards.

If the evening wasn’t gloomy enough, Steph didn’t like my choice of DVD.  Even though she likes Bruce Willis (for reasons known but to God), she refused to watch Sin City past the first 20 minutes.  Her movie of choice was The Libertine, starring Johnny Depp.  Both of us lost patience with its slow pace.  (I rented Sin City because its creator, Frank Miller, wrote and drew several Batman “Dark Knight” graphic novels, which I am now reading.)

So we watched 1 vs. 100, and hoped the whole time Susie didn’t watch TV all evening, at least during the news.

A note to all readers: We’ve decided to bite the bullet and get Internet access at home.  I mailed a money order for three months’ service to Copper.net, a server in Mount Vernon, OH.  We may have service at home in about a week.  What does this mean to me? you ask.  It means that I can post to this blog much more often!!

I don’t deceive myself into thinking this blog gets as many hits per day as The Drudge Report, but I do not have the severe allergy to truth that Matt Drudge has, and that is an advantage.


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