I’m playing hooky from work today.  Steph and I met with Dennis Mahoney, who writes for the Faith & Values page of The Columbus Dispatch, about the whole business with our erstwhile church.  He came to our house, stayed for half an hour, and had his microcassette recorder and his notebook out the whole time.  He’s done more digging than we have, and has talked to both sides, so I’m sure that the article he prints (if it makes it into the paper) will be balanced and fair to all concerned.

Steph went to get a blood draw this morning, so I’m getting a note from her doctor to bring to work–that way this will count as “sick leave.”  The downside is that if your sick leave balance is <40 hours, you’re paid only 70%.  I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, to keep people from developing the “earn and burn” habit with leave, but it’s a nuisance.

Susie had yet another disappointment, as if this past weekend wasn’t shitty enough.  She and I planned to go to a Writing Cafe late yesterday afternoon at Thurber House.  We took the bus to Thurber House, and it was locked up with all lights out.  Susie was both fit to be tied and in tears.  I tried Thurber, and got nothing but their voice mail, but to brighten Susie’s mood, I took her to United Dairy Farmers for a milkshake, and we ordered in a pizza later on.  Both of these (although I think the milkshake was more helpful) kept her from being too angry and/or upset.  (That’s where she can teach me; I’m still working on grudges from before kindergarten.)

Susie went to school this morning with her cello in tow.  When she has to transport her cello from one place to another, that’s when she says she wants to give it up and play the violin.  However, she was miserable with the violin, so she’s going to stick with cello.  We’ll just buy her a shoulder strap so the cello isn’t as unmanageable.


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